Company specialized in cnc mechanical processing, cnc cutting and other similar operations.

SC MALIK TECH SRL is a production enterprise that knows how to capitalize on the experience of a decade of activity in the field of chip processing and revolves around the clients because everything they do is focus on them.

The key activity we perform and the way we perform our daily tasks focuses mainly on parts, accessories and subassemblies for cars. We also perform rectification, punching, stamping, bending, etc. on the basis of technological flows organized in succession of operations on the specific labor equipment in the equipment.
SC MALIK TECH SRL maintains a strong position on the market due to the reliability of our products and services and our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers.

At the same time, we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our business by investing in people, cutting-edge technology, measuring and controlling devices, and at the same time not forgetting the central value – PROMPTITUDE.

We guarantee that the products we manufacture will meet the demands of the most demanding customers.
We have implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.