Our main business is to produce elements of general mechanics. The complexity of our services has reached a higher level in recent years because we always want to evolve. At present SC MALIK SRL owns modern equipment, operated by qualified personnel. Our desire to improve our services and products is due to our clients …


SC MALIK SRL is a production enterprise that knows how to capitalize on the experience of a decade of activity in the field of chip processing and revolves around the clients because everything they do is focus on them. SC MALIK SRL maintains a strong position on the market due to the reliability of our products and services and our commitment to meet customer needs …


The products and services offered are part of the class: chip machining, general mechanical operations. The company produces parts and subassemblies made by machining by cutting. Based on the technical documentation received from the beneficiary we execute: flange parts, prismatic parts, screw parts with a wide range of thread profiles, shafts …

Company specialized in cnc mechanical processing, cnc cutting and other similar operations.


  • CNC cutting operations
  • General mechanical processing
  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling
  • Measurement and control 2D/3D
  • Design of 2D/3D parts
  • CNC grinding exterior and interior corrections

Design of 2D/3D parts

SC MALIK SRL offers consultancy and design of various materials (steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic) according to the customer’s needs. Making technical drawings for projected parts, 3D models and simulations of the workpieces. We start the projects with the knowledge of our clients and their need, so that we can approach the most efficient solution for fulfilling the tasks. Once these things are identified, work is started on their design by skilled people who have years of experience behind. After the presentation of the project and the client’s acceptance, it is possible to proceed to the manufacture that takes place entirely in our premises and then to control the parts with high precision devices.