CNC Projection 2D - 3D

Proiectare 2D, 3D a pieselor

  SC MALIK TECH SRL offers consultancy and design of various materials (steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic) according to customer’s needs.

Making technical drawings for projected parts, 3D models and simulations of the workpieces.

We start the projects with the knowledge of our clients and their need, so that we can approach the most efficient solution for fulfilling the tasks.

Once these things are identified, work is started on their design by skilled people who have years of experience behind.

After the presentation of the project and the client’s acceptance, it is possible to proceed to the manufacture that takes place entirely in our premises and then to control the parts with high precision devices.

Our philosophy is to permanently optimize our projects and provide our customers with solutions that lead to increased performance, lifespan, and cost savings.